SOULSIGHT is an independent consulting firm specialized in developing transformation and innovation strategies for companies through empathy, creativity, rigor and a methodology that places people at the heart of their activity.

WANDER is its own intra-entrepreneurial project. It came to being after a decade and a half of work with prominent companies and aims to research the complexity of the world to come and to humanize it.

An innovative program where directors from different companies work together to delve into the uncertainties their organizations will be facing in the future. This program blends art, design, philosophy and business development.

SOULSIGHT works with strategic design and innovation tools, along with large companies to infuse long-term thought into the business. This transformation is unavoidable, considering that tackling the challenges of the future and humanizing work processes and teams has now become a company priority.

WANDER and WANDERBEING, the parallel human, creative and ethical leadership program, comprise an authentic self-made methodology to stimulate alternative thought that materializes into innovative ideas.

Sharing knowledge

WANDER joins scientific thought and the humanities through a program that fosters interaction between professionals from different spheres, teamwork and encouragement of critical thought.

A diverse community, consisting of over one hundred professionals, with designers, artists, thinkers, technologists, directors, business owners, sociologists and anthropologists whose goal is to shake up preconceived beliefs and help to shed light on the uncertainties thrust upon us by the world.

The communication strategy is focused on sharing the results from the research in each one of WANDER’s territories of work: relationships in the city, sustainability as a springboard for change and machines in the human element.

Through audiovisual clips to share on social and traditional media, we communicate WANDER’s perspective through the authors behind this research. Pieces produced by Pablo Vara and Alberto Carpintero that call on the spectator in a direct, intimate way, in the form of short stories, in order to awaken curiosity and wonder


The company’s web projects and official channels share a content policy that blends the current nature of each project and interconnectivity between channels, exchanging content to create synergies with different audiences.

Essays, audiovisual pieces, ACNOS and image galleries provide structure to a content line focused on sharing the company’s day-to-day, public activity schedule, conclusions from research and monitoring of territories and educational programs.

Under the artistic direction and design of Antonio Redondo, the visual identity of each one of the projects shows the bond with art and creativity to give shape to a graphic code that also reflects Soulsight’s experience, its authentic work style, the singularity of its inspiring environment and the talent of its professional team. The campaign’s audiovisuals are by Natalia Cisterna (La Mojigata).



“The School of Athens” by Raphael as inspiration and a reflection of WANDER. A campaign to raise awareness of the need for critical thought and its long-term impact.

Philosophers, mathematicians, scientists and a portrait of Michelangelo depicted in the face of Heraclitus. A masterpiece that illustrates the strength in joining different disciplines that conceive of the world from very diverse stances.

Thinking takes time; it requires effort, commitment, method, and of course, disbelief. It must question absolutely everything, even our own beliefs and the biases that have taken root in our subconscious without us even realizing.

An invitation to change how we think, how we look at the world. Our times are clamoring for a change in our model of thought.