QUAM is an architecture studio founded by Borja Puras and Juan Ramón Jiménez. Over two decades they have forged a successful track record backed by almost 600 projects (exclusive homes, contract, single-family and asset development) and an outstanding portfolio of clients with firms such as Cristina Oria, Dentix, Lamucca, Tartine et Chocolat and Sanitas, among others. QUAM understands the profession of the architect as a tool for improving the future of society.

In order to redefine its strategic positioning, several stages of research have been carried out. The first consisted of an exercise of reflection and analysis to understand the current situation of the studio in terms of strategy, team and communication.
As a result of a research exercise and an introspective look at its experience and extensive trajectory, three vertexes have been proposed that have served for the development of a new narrative: trade, environment and composition.

A narrative that extols the values and creative line of the studio and emphasises the humanistic facet of architectural work and drawing as the beginning of all architecture, while at the same time vindicating the architect’s profession as a professional with artisan sensitivity, a true link between multiple guilds.

QUAM has decided to transmit a unique way of doing architecture based on the balance between the impulsive and the reflexive, the needs of each work, the environment in which it is built and the people who inhabit it.

A unique way of doing architecture that aims to encourage dialogue and reflection between all the actors involved through the creation of content, new media and meeting spaces.

The next step was how to communicate the new narrative through a renewed visual identity. To carry out this aspect, ARCE STUDIO has proposed an evolution of the logo based on four pillars that are identified with the four letters that make up QUAM. These signs represent the essential base of any construction and the chosen typography, Everett Regular, offers an architectural vision, accentuating the straight lines of some of the characters. Steel, wood, marble and stone are the materials that have inspired the chromatic palette of this new visual image.

The digital project, designed and developed by Heriberto Noguera (Lagalga), reproduces the new visual identity of the studio, emphasizing a refined, orderly and free of anecdotal elements design that includes a dynamic navigation.

Throughout this process of strategic rethinking, QUAM’s intention to transmit its own coherent and articulated way of understanding architecture with each person in the process has been decisive. The studio is an ecosystem of professionals in which each part involved has a reason for being and something to say. This team maintains control of the entire process, both in its different phases, project, interior design, construction, promotion and marketing, as well as in its connection with collaborators who work in perfect harmony.

Team photo: Jacobo Madrazo.