Aristocrazy Affairs

ARISTOCRAZY AFFAIRS is the proposal for the experimentation of art as a free and creative space in which to cultivate the sensibility that characterizes creative space in which to cultivate the sensitivity that characterizes Aristocrazy. A conscious feeling that inhales from other artistic disciplines and exhales its own way of being from the of being from boldness, freshness, light and innocence.

A project born to give free rein to creative freedom, an environment where to communicate actions, meetings and exhibition spaces promoted by Aristocrazy. An invitation to connect with other eyes, other ways of seeing and discovering talent, in a constant search to recognize beauty in other looks and, by giving it a voice, make it one’s own.

Following in the footsteps of Aristocrazy, pioneering and courageous, Affairs embraces the passion and respect for the craft of jewelry with the clear mission of bringing its careful legacy to other arts: design, quality and authenticity.
This project is the result of a strategic repositioning exercise through a series of sessions and workshops carried out with the company’s management team. In these dynamics, the purpose, objectives and meanings of Aristocrazy Affairs were explored in depth.

Four “verticés” have been defined for its narrative: a space of creative freedom, a courageous attitude, an identity of its own, a process of evolution. Four vertices that have been developed and analyzed from the perspective of the brand’s internal teams, its corporate, customers and general public.

At the same time, an implementation model was designed through which the creative territories to be explored, partners, an advisory committee (“Flirts”) and a program of activities and “artefactos” were defined.

The word “artefacto” has its origin in the Latin expression arte factus, which means “made with art”. It is a device created for a specific purpose, which in the visual arts refers to that endowed with artistic content.

In Aristocrazy Affairs it has been configured as a support for the material expression of its philosophy. The first “artefacto” that pays tribute to the city of Madrid and its creativity is “Madrid Mía”, an audiovisual essay, which also takes shape through an exhibition, by photographer Irene Zottola.

Affairs worships dialogue and creation through a network of artists that enriches the ecosystem of creators and supporters of craftsmanship in fashion and jewelry that represents Aristocrazy. To this end, a program of activities has been developed and co-designed for the general public, clients and internal team with a creative advisory team composed by Elena Vilabrille Paz, Marta Ochoa Castillo and Enrique del Castillo.
Talks, installations, workshops, exhibitions, visits to creative spaces and with Irene Zottola, Lorena Madrazo, Rúben Gómez, Casa Antillón, Ana Escalera, Martxel Montero and Ariadna Chez, among others.

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Suarez Group and in collaboration with the Humanities&Business consultancy Soulsight, we have accompanied Aristocrazy in an in-depth reflection on its strategic framework and the development of its new narrative.

In a world where premium jewelry and costume jewelry has changed, multiple competitors have democratized and commoditized the offer, reputable fashion brands have expanded their business to fashion jewelry, the complexity of society and the speed of change have made it necessary to rethink and contemporize the company’s strategy.

A reflection that has focused first on understanding the current strategic framework in order to identify the gap between the point where the brand was and the point to be reached in the future


Through a first phase of research and co-creation, the new positioning of Aristocrazy has been designed to then go on to define the territories in which the brand wants to move as well as how to transfer its values to the outside. In short, a new strategic framework that has been developed from a clear definition of the purpose and vision of the company that responds both to the current demand of society and its targets, as well as being linked to the purpose of Grupo Suarez.

After defining the new brand identity, we have worked on the creation of the new narrative where we have defined:

  • The main axes of the narrative and the key messages on which the brand has to rely because they are the ones that give meaning to Aristocrazy’s trajectory and know-how.
  • The concepts and terms that are essential to form part of an own and genuine vocabulary that gathers the “muscle concepts” that make the change possible.

In short, it has been an exercise to build through language and words that universe of emotions, values and stories of Aristocrazy that are the basis of the future strategy of the brand.

After developing the strategic framework, the DNA and the brand narrative, a new brand book has been designed that brings together and identifies the necessary elements to articulate the brand in a consistent way and with which to drive long-term growth.

A tool that has gathered together a series of tangible and intangible elements that are part of the brand’s identity and personality that mark its iconography, communication, verbal identity and the experience that it wants to provide to customers to guarantee an offer that provides value and includes these essential attraction actors for fashion buyers.

For its development we have followed a dynamic of continuous conversation with the Aristocrazy team where, on the one hand, we have shared the progress on the definition of the elements of the brand book and, on the other hand, decisions have been made at key moments of the project. A dynamic that has ensured that the knowledge and experience gained throughout the project have remained within all members of the Aristocrazy team involved in this exercise and have been transferred in an organic way to the rest of the company.