Everything matters

The moment for change

Organizations and companies with a broader vision are reframing their business approaches and strategies, their relationships with their customers and their action and communication policies. We are experiencing an economic, social and cultural revolution where people play a decisive role. Not only as agents of our ecosystem, but as firing pins behind decisions that contribute to the benefit of society as a whole.


We are learning about more and more, and better, disruptive initiatives whose values inspire us to positively face the challenges of today. Exemplary companies, collectives and people who, with their vision, are starting up brilliant projects that help to create wealth in the broadest sense of the word.

New dialogues to create impact

ALMADÁS is a project driven by Álvaro Matías. It boasts a team of professionals with experience at companies and organizations in cultural industries, content creation and communication. We apply our knowledge, background and network of contacts to develop narratives shoulder-to-shoulder with a new generation of companies and entrepreneurs who, with their vision and bravery, are at the forefront of our society’s transformation.

Content and meaning

We accompany the companies and organizations who share our concern for the futures to come. We pour our energy into achieving new and stimulating challenges. We participate in processes to create company identities and cultures whose priorities include consciously designing a better world. We act as editors, selecting the best professionals to help us reach our goals.

Company culture for business development

We penetrate new spheres and industries with projects and initiatives that use creativity, original content, design and communication as essential pillars to develop their company strategies, achieve their goals and define their company culture.


We infuse our knowledge, intuition and curiosity into long-term projects, promoting creative and authentic actions that are built on the basis of original, quality content. As is necessary, we share this content through careful communication strategies that spread our clients’ values and culture.

One same team

ALMADÁS integrates into our clients’ structure. We form a close relationship with each company’s management teams to efficiently design, plan and execute each one of the planned action strategies in a handcrafted way.

A colored future

ALMADÁS blends managerial rigor with the creativity of those who paint the world in colors: the creators. There is no one like them to teach us to look at our surroundings from a different angle, to better understand the place where we live. The best allies with which to create new collective imaginations.

Learnings for a new narrative

I decided to start a new phase with a desire of striking up new relationships to meet people, companies and organizations who sought to reframe how they do business and responsibly and consciously design our futures.

A total reset. To once again peer over the dizzying abyss of a blank page but, for the first time, to tackle the uncertainty of writing my own discourse. To create my own company.

This was not a one-way process. At the same time, I continued to work at the forefront of Madrid Design Festival and Soulsight’s WANDER. These projects played a decisive role in helping me to focus, to confirm my intuition and to stimulate my curiosity during a fascinating period of searching.

However, I was not starting from scratch. This exploration helped me to apply the knowledge I had gleaned until that point to new areas and sectors where creativity, content and communication are understood as strategic and essential.

This is how ALMADÁS was born. A project where I pour all my energy, attitude and skills into new and exciting initiatives to design long-term narratives and actions as projects designed to spark movement.

Company identity and culture through creative strategies, original content, design and communication. A definition that was born after an enriching process of experimentation, learning and dialogue with people whose alliance and trust were crucial to making ALMADÁS a reality today.